Save Your Rug by Investing in Professional Repair

Do you have a prized rug that has been in your family for years? If it is in a central part of your house it has likely gotten a lot of use and might begin to show signs of wear. If your rug doesn’t quite have the same look it used to, you might want to look into rug re-knotting portland professionals to get it touched up.

What types of rug repair are available?

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The type of repair you need for your rug depends on several factors. These might include the age of the rug, the material it is made out of, and how damaged it is. Before you throw out a valuable possession, see if you can get it restored to its original state. If your rug has begun to tear or fray it might need to be re-knotted. This process might involve new stitching to repair the damage, or simply tying up lose ends to prevent them from getting worse. Maybe your rug simply doesn’t fit the area you hoped to place it in and you’d like to alter the size. Consider investing in a professional rug repair service that can remake your rug to the perfect size you need. Is there an unattractive hole somewhere in your rug? This can easily be solved whether by reweaving or re-knotting the rug to make it look like new.

Why you shouldn’t attempt to repair the rug at home

You might be considering trying to fix rug damage at home to avoid having to spend money on professional repairs. This is not advised because you could end up causing further damage to it. You might not have the tools or resources necessary to effectively restore the rug. Using different materials than that with which the rug was created can actually draw more attention to any damage.